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Premium Roasted Cocunut Oil

100% Pure & Best Coconut Oil is our prestige product. Perhaps, no other brand in Kerala ensures such spontaneous natural purity in Coconut Oil.

Sun Flower

Royal Rich trades high quality Sun Flower Oil. As you know, Sun Flower Oil is a very healthy substance. This frying oil is scientifically proved with many healing properties.

RIce Bran

Rice Bran Oil is good cooking oil. The Rice Bran Oil is relatively new entrant in the category of cooking oils and perhaps the healthiest.
Royal Rich collects only the best of copra direct from coconut farmers. The final products reach the hands of our customers after being filtered 5 times. This 100% unadulterated oil helps balance the cholesterol level in the body ideally.
An ISO 22000: 2005 certified company, registered under ESSEN group, Royal Rich as enriched experience nearing to three decades, in the production of Coconut Oil.
The most modern DC technology is applied in filtering the oil and ensuring its quality. Royal Rich Premium Coconut Oil is rich in Lauric Acid which enhances the immunity power of human body.
Royal Rich’s uncompromising stand on quality is the prime reason in making it the No.1 Roasted Coconut Oil produced in India and abroad. From Copra collection to packaging, we take immense pain to ensure quality and hygiene in all levels.
I am a house wife and the partner of “Savour Best” Caterers. We’re happy to suggest everyone about Royal Rich edibles. The Coconut oil is 100% pure and all our cuisine prefers only Royal Rich. All the foods that we serve are tasty, stomach friendly and healthier. Thanks Royal Rich.
Rashida Shereef.
As a chef, it’s wonderful to cook with Royal Rich edibles. The Coconut Oil is pure and natural and the culinary is enjoyed by all walks of our clients alike. Cooking with Royal Rich gives me much confidence and satisfaction..
Rohit Verma